2021.09.09 Update

Darryl’s Journey – From Ulster to Goldman Sachs...

Education and Basketball has always played a significant role in my life. As a young kid, I was surrounded by the game which was a common after school activity for me and my friends. These people are still my friends (more like family) today. I grew up with older cousins who were like older brothers to me. This sounds like a good thing; however, they never thought to take it easy on me on the basketball court. I believe it was these situations and scenarios that I was placed in as a child that helped shape me as a person ready to take on the world around me.

The game of basketball took me many places, none more significant than to Bucknell University where I received to full scholarship as a student-athlete and was the first person in my family to attend college. Prior to Bucknell, I had the same dream every kid has which was to play basketball professionally. However, Bucknell gave me a perspective outside of basketball. The university exposed me to students with a variety of backgrounds. This exposure allowed additional perspective on my life after Bucknell. I knew I wanted to grow as an academic, but I also wanted to fulfil my childhood dream.

Once my college basketball career ended, I was left with a big decision to make as to what was next. Try and get a job or continue my education. Should I study and stay at home or to move abroad. That’s when found the Victory Scholar programme and I knew then to study abroad was the right opportunity for me. The Victory Scholarship offered the ultimate combination of personal and professional growth while fulfilling my dream of playing basketball internationally. As a Victory Scholar, I was given the platform to grow academically, personally, and professionally. This was a no brainer.

I knew the unique experience of the studying abroad would ultimately set me up for my professional career. Upon my return to the States, I began exploring job opportunities in NYC where my then fiancé now wife lived. After a few months of interviewing, I was presented with an offer from a large financial institution which I accepted. I believe that it was my experience studying abroad that separated me from the rest. In my interview, I spoke in depth about how the experiences I had in Ireland shaped my leadership skills, adaptability, and ability to work effectively with people from different backgrounds.

To this day the knowledge and networks I have made from studying at Ulster University have helped grow into the professional I am today.